Band Interview: Ben Trimble: Fly Golden Eagle

Ben Trimble – Fly Golden Eagle

IMG_1055S:Stephen Pond


S: What is your role in the band Fly Golden Eagle?

B: I play guitar and sing lead vocals.


S: Where are you originally from and in what cities do you currently reside?

B: Detroit. The band is based out of Nashville.


S: How long has this group been playing and what brought everyone together?

B: We have been playing for about six years now. We had a lot of mutual friends.  Mitch, the organ player, has this house called Biv Town. It was kind of a hang, and we always ended up over there jamming. I had songs and everyone started playing my songs.


S: As I was reading into you guys, one of the words that came out a lot was psychedelia. What exactly would you say that is and what makes this type of music a part of it?

B: It’s a buzzword. A lot of people like drugs. Drugs are pretty cool, but they are just one thing. To me, it’s not limited to any sort of thing like that. It’s bigger, but I’m not going to be the one to try to articulate what it is. It’s just listening to things in a different way and visually more organic.


S: What specific genre would you guys say you are in?

B: Rock, more influenced by older rock than newer rock.


S: How did you guys get linked up with Gogol Bordello and what has it been like touring with this group?

B: It’s our second show with them and we got linked up through some mutual people we know. We got added on for five shows. Last night was the first time we have ever seen them. We had only heard them online. It was pretty wild and very rocking.


S: Is there anything we can look out for this year?

B: We are playing a fair amount of festivals and touring. Matt, our bass player, and his wife are having a kid. That is happening in April so we are not going to be all, “go go go”. We are going to chill and let that happen, which we are pretty excited about. We are also working on these music videos. I’m pretty amped about it.


S: How big do you think social media has been for you guys to get your art out?

B: It’s pretty cool. If you have an idea, you just go do it and put it out to where anyone can get it. Easy distribution. You would probably have to mail VHS’s to everyone if you wanted to get music videos to people and you aren’t a well-known band and hope it breaks on TV. But now you can post on YouTube; and if someone likes it, Bam! Who knows… it’s cool.


S: What is a standard meal for a five-piece, all male band on the road?

B: I used to do the BK Lounge a lot. Burger King. That’s what people in the food industry know it as. We transitioned out of it, to more healthy things. Granola, even gluten free sometimes. Pizza is  a pretty constant, beer, but…Whole Foods. If you see a Whole Foods, it’s the like sample city. You can sample everything until you’re full.


S: Sometimes as a musician, it’s like a roller coaster dealing with emotions and being in a band. What is one of the main things that keeps you moving as an artist to continue playing and expressing yourself?

B: Well, why do you skateboard? You love it. It’s what you do. It’s fun and makes you happy. When you’re not doing it, you’re thinking about doing it. Whenever you’re doing it, you’re not thinking about doing anything else.


S: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

B: Thanks for listening.


Interview by Stephen Pond