7 Questions With Infected Mushroom
By Deborah Swearingen

Hang on tight ‘cause on Saturday the Music Farm Columbia will experience a complete Infected Mushroom takeover. The innovative electronic duo will be joined by a live band, and trust me when I say that you have to see their show to fully understand what it’s all about. Prepare your minds for a night full of psychedelic trance and stunningly colorful visuals. In our excitement we had the chance to ask the guys a few questions, and we hope their answers get you pumped for the show.

1) How do you remain so unique and innovative in a scene that has lately become pretty heavily saturated?

We are constantly working to evolve, not just regarding our sound but also as it pertains to our stage production. We have 4-5 different set types that we are able to perform depending on the party/venue, which makes us versatile. We are always innovating – whether it be 3D mapping, or 4D sensory experiences (such as the new production we are planning to unveil next year). Gotta keep pushing, or you end up disappearing.

2) What’s the most exciting thing about performing live?

We love seeing the audience go mental. It makes it all worth it. There’s nothing like seeing everyone jumping up and down with their hands in the air.

3) Have any pre-show rituals?

Food. We love to eat.

4) Any favorite songs to play live?

People love when we play Becoming Insane, but we enjoy playing new songs (so we can hear how our recent studio work sounds on a big system).

5) What artists do you guys look to as inspiration?

Au5, Zedd, Savant, Pegboard Nerds, Skrillex…

6) Is it ever difficult to work as a duo?

Sure, but our partnership has lasted nearly 2 decades and it’s the nature of compromise that has led us to where we are today.

7) If you heard people years and years from now talking about Infected Mushroom, what would you hope they’d be saying?

They would be saying we stood apart from the rest of the pack, as innovators of a unique heavy electronic music sound, and that our legacy is one that has influenced many who came after us.