Beards and Mustaches Everywhere: Throwback Thursday!

Last week, we blogged about our beginnings, but this week we are going to throwback to an event that we always love having at the Music Farm. This year was the 4th Annual Beard and Mustache Competition at the Music Farm. You may ask yourself….what exactly is this event all about?  First, it is a benefit for Low Country Women With Wings(womens ovarian cancer charity). People are allowed to register for the competition and purchase spectator tickets. There are different catergories for the competitors to sign up for. Check out the list below! We really look forward to hopefully hosting next year’s event and helping raise money for Low Country Women With Wings. 



Full Beard Natural Over 12 inches (from lower lip, as grown with moustache integrated, no styling aids allowed)

Full Beard Natural Under 12 inches (from lower lip, as grown with moustache integrated, no styling aids allowed)

Junior Full Beard (limit 4 inches in length from lower lip, moustache styled allowed)

Salty Dog (gray beard, beard of the distinguished mature gentleman with varying shades of gray, no length requirement/restriction)

Full Beard Freestyle (creative styling of the beard, use of styling aids are allowed, structural supports are not allowed)

College Beard (for those enrolled in college, or recent May graduates & aged 18-24)


Sideburns/Chops (chin is shaven & hair is optional on the upper lip, styling aids allowed)

Donegal (examples are Whaler & Amish, beard with no moustache, no styling aids allowed)

Goatee (facial hair grown only on the chin or upper/lower lip, moustache is not required, there must be a shaven section at least 4cm wide (razor blade width) between onset of head hair & beard styling aids not allowed)

Partial Beard Freestyle (any style partial beard, be creative, use of styling aids are allowed, not required)


Moustache Natural (grown on upper lip, no styling aids allowed, but it may be shaped without aids)

Moustache Styled (grown on the upper lip, styling aids allowed, WBMC recognized categories of English, Hungarian, Dali & Imperial)


Southern Belle Realistic (ladies artificial bring your own & be creative with the goal of appearing realistic, will be judged on realism, craftsmanship & overall aesthetic appeal)

Southern Belle Creative (ladies artificial bring your own & be creative, abstract, & artistic, will be judged on creativity, craftsmanship, & overall aesthetic appeal)