Throwback Thursday: When We Were Younger…

Do you ever hear a song that makes you think about when you were younger or takes you back to a day in middle school? Have you noticed how fashion from the 80s and 90s is making a comeback (not always the best)?

Well Tuesday , we were lucky enough to be taken back to the many times SOJA has taken over our stage and filled the room with sweet reggae tunes. ¬†SOJA recently released a music video for ‘When We Were Younger’. The video has footage from when they were young up until now. As I watched the video for the first time, it made me think about everything I was involved in growing up and my childhood friends. What did you think when you saw the video?

Check out SOJA’s video at the link below.¬†

When We Were Younger- SOJA


Happy Throwback!

-MF Family