Throwback Thursday: The Magical Lands of the Farm

This week is dedicated to our Bonnaroo experience. It wasn’t so long ago that we began our journey to Manchester, TN ¬†on a 40 ft. RV with seven guys and one girl. Fifteen days to be exact. You can imagine the anticipation on the RV since six out of eight passengers had never experienced the magic of Bonnaroo. All we had were stories and the knowledge that we were about to experience 4 days of live music thanks to our good friends at AC ENTERTAINMENT! Starting that Wednesday, we were making memories of our own that we would share for the rest of our lives. After spending the night at a haunted campground, having no AC, and getting stuck on our way into Bonnaroo, we finally made it. Did we mention that our RV would not shut off? The quote below sums it up.

Just imagine I am doing a deep country accent here: “I aint been tagged twice in one day in a long time!” ” This thing is possessed!”

Needless to say, after all of the RV problems, we had one of the best experiences, saw Paul McCartney live and thoroughly enjoyed bonding as a company. We want to hear about your experiences. Tell us a Bonnaroo story.

Did anyone else struggle to get back to reality? It feels like it took us a week just to get back into the real world.



The Farm Family