First Aid Kit Review

Samantha Crain and First Aid Kit November 2, 2014
Samantha Crain took center stage with her acoustic guitar as red lights danced atop her jet black hair. She immediately demanded the crowd’s attention with the strum of her guitar as her gentle, yet wholesomely raspy, voice seamlessly filled the room. Her endearing storytelling complemented her heartwarming music as she took the crowd into first gear in preparation for the night’s main performance, First Aid Kit.
All wounds of a broken soul were surely healed by the sounds of the remarkable duo, First Aid Kit, tonight at the Music Farm. The tribal beat of the sonorous bass drum pulsed through the audience like a unifying heartbeat in the opening song, Lion’s Roar. Members of the crowd responded with howls in raw testimony to the music. In their next song, Stay Gold, First Aid Kit alluded to the Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, as their harmonious voices mirrored the ebb and flow of a mighty river. It would be no surprise if these “old soul” sisters were akin to the illustrious Stevie Nicks with their transcendental tunes and folk rhythms. In the closing song, Emmylou, the sisters altruistically stepped away from the microphones, in what seemed like an act of pure gratitude, to allow their fans to join in singing the chorus. It is in full faith when I say that Charleston will surely “Stay Gold” thanks to these class act ladies.

Show Review: The Revivalists 8.22.14 Music Farm Charleston

This past Friday night show was one no one should have missed! New Orleans rock group, The Revivalist, lured many to Music Farm with their self-proclaimed performance of “danceable rock”. Carrying into the early hours of Saturday morning, the show was one non-stop hit after another and the crowd was more than happy to keep up. The Revivalist are known to put on an amazing performance, with songs teetering on heavy rock, smooth acoustic, and borderline electronic rock. The band does not limit itself to one particular sound, which accompanies their phenomenal gift of appealing to such a variety of individuals.


Opening the show for The Revivalist was none other than local artist Tyler Boone followed by The Black Cadillacs. Tyler Boone, a new and upcoming artist started the show promoting music from his newly released album “Familiar Faces”. The Black Cadillacs, a blues-based indie rock group from Knoxville, shortly took to the stage after Tyler Boone. The crowd quickly became absorbed by their performance; the perfect act to keep spirit’s up and the audience cheering. The Music Farm fans certainly hope to see these faces again soon!



If you weren’t able to make the show, or simply want a little more information about the artists, follow the links listed below and you’ll see why we loved this show!


The Revivalist:

The Black Cadillacs:

Tyler Boone:

Show Review: Donavon Frankenreiter

Surfer rock musician, Donavon Frankenreiter, put on a stunning performance at Charleston’s Music Farm this past Wednesday evening. Both Donavon and his opening performer, Makua Rothman, soothed the crowd with their folk-infused tunes and upbeat vibes. Donavon’s performance displayed thick vocals and masterful guitar work, which allowed the show to be enjoyed by those of all ages. Many his songs are about his wife and children, which shines through his stage presence. It was hard not to sing and dance along with songs like “Call me Poppa” and “Start Livin”. He has left all of us here in Charleston looking forward to seeing him again.

If you want more of Donavon Frankenreiter’s music and tour dates, check out his website and see if he will be performing in a city near you.



For more information about Surfer’s Healing, the foundation that was present during the show, please visit